Vicksburg Square


Vicksburg Square is a 12,000 square foot retail center located in Plymouth, MN. Brock White recommended using Nichiha fiber cement panels on the exterior of the building as it provides a sharp and modern design at a fraction of the cost of other cladding products. We also provided a training session on the Nichiha products so the decision makers were fully informed and trained when they made the choice to use the products.



BW Products Used:

Project Completed: October 1st, 2019

Location: Plymouth, MN

Contractor: Rapid Construction

Structural Engineers: Palanisami & Associates

Brock White Sales Representative: Josh Stokes










Lunch & Learn Training


Did you know that Brock White offers Lunch and Learn sessions so that you and your team can request personalized training on products you may be unfamiliar with?

In the case of Vicksburg Square, the architect and installer were given a training session by Brock White so they were made fully aware of the benefits and qualities of the product before deciding to use it. This training was key in allowing them to make the informed decision to use the best and most cost effective product for this project.

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