SINAK Corporation, founded in 1979, is a global leader in preserving and protecting concrete with a range of environmentally safe products. SINAK specializes in concrete curing treatments specifically designed to exceed water cure performance specifications. SINAK offers unparalleled customer service and technical expertise. 



Sinak Products


SINAK VC-5™ is a lithium based concrete curing treatment that prevents failure of finished flooring systems due to concrete slab vapor emission, high internal relative humidity, and moisture borne alkaline contaminants. VC-5™ does not leave a film or residue on the surface and is compatible with all adhesives, floor coverings, and surface treatments. VC-5™ provides a non-prorated, fully transferable 15 year labor & material warranty. Surface profiling or damage to the surface will not affect or void the warranty.

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SINAK Lithium Cure 2000™

SINAK Lithium Cure 2000™ is formulated to meet or exceed the performance requirements of concrete water cure specifications. Use of Lithium Cure 2000™ assures that the specified design strengths will be achieved along with development of improved surface durability properties and reduced permeability. Lithium Cure 2000™ does not leave a film or residue on the surface, eliminates discoloration from plastic or blankets and readily accepts dyes and stains allowing for broader sealing and finishing options. Lithium Cure 2000™ is excellent for use on horizontal steel trowel finished concrete that will receive polish, clear sealer(s) or remain in a natural state. Lithium Cure 2000™ is not a bond breaker, reduces slab curling & cure related cracking.

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SINAK Sealer HLQ-125™ is a lithium  compound that remains in solution, penetrates and reacts with the mineral compounds and/or siliceous materials to form additional insoluble silicate and quartz structure.  Since HLQ-125™ is reactive inside the concrete and not at the surface, the treated surfaces will retain a natural appearance providing permanent protection for flooring and coatings, below grade waterproofing, stain resistance and reduced maintenance applications for both standard and colored concrete.

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SINAK S-102™

SINAK S-102™ provides water-proofing protection for concrete; provides protection from chloride ion penetration; increases surface abrasion resistance; provides surface-scaling and freeze-thaw protection; and provides protection against food, oil and chemical staining and damage. S-102™ does not interfere with the bonding of crack repair, patching, or surface coating materials.

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Lithium Cure 1000™

Lithium Cure 1000™ minimizes or eliminates plastic shrinkage cracking in freshly placed concrete, and produces highly durable surfaces for pavements, bridge decks, and precast elements.

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Project Location: West Fargo, ND

General Contractor: Olaf Anderson

Sales Representative: Matt Overgaard

Project Completed: January 2017

Products Used: 20 pails of Sinak Lithium 2000 to cover 43,000 square feet.

Project Background: The reason Sinak Lithium 2000 was selected we the customer was elected to have the floor polished after it was poured. Sinak Lithium 2000 is a great choice for this type of application. 

Curling, is “flaking concrete” that can happen at saw joints. This is an eye sore for concrete you are trying to make look its best.  Lithium 2000 protects against curling at the saw cut joints. This in turn works great for concrete polishers that are trying to create showpiece concrete. Olaf Anderson liked the product and would use it again.


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