Residential Biotic Earth Black



A landscape solution was needed for a newly-built home with an unstable hillside. So unstable, that traditional methods of placing topsoil were difficult to utilize. Verdyol Biotic Black was the solution.

project details

BW Product Used: 

Project Completed: 2012

Location: Nevis, MN

Landscape Services: Flying W Gardens | Park Rapids, MN

Problem: A residential home had been built and there was a significant hillside that had been removed to provide space for a driveway. After the excavation of the site, the homeowner had a slope that was composed of very fine sands that needed to be stabilized. The slope was so unstable and steep that traditional methods of placing topsoil were difficult to utilize.
Solution: Verdyol Biotic Black was recommended as a topsoil replacement and growth medium. Biotic Earth Black was applied at a rate of 3500 lbs per acre, along with Earthbound Scientific at a rate of 35 lbs per acre. Seed and fertilizer were mixed into the Biotic Earth Black slurry and applied at an even rate. The material was then covered with Flex Guard, from Mat Inc. at a rate of 3500 lbs per acre.
Results: The slope is covered with very lush vegetation just eight weeks out from initial application. The areas on the slope that are not covered are the results of deer feeding upon the new vegetation. The growth is impressive given the extremely dry conditions for the Summer of 2012.