Prinsco Non Perf Dual Wall Drain Pipe, 36"x20' 36WT20NP

$0.00 / PIECE
Brock White Company's drain pipes, manufactured by Prinsco, are ideal for applications such as highway drainage, parking lot drainage, storm sewers, storm water retention systems, culverts, ventilation, aeration, industrial applications, and ditch enclosures. GOLDFLO WT® is high density polyethylene plastic pipe with a watertight integral gasket bell and spigot coupling system. This superior design results in a watertight pipe with maximum strength and optimum flow characteristics. GOLDFLO WT® is manufactured to the stringent requirements of AASHTO M294 or ASTM F2306, along with the ASTM D3212 watertight laboratory test requirements, making it ideal for projects where cost, installation efficiency, product quality, and watertight performance are critical.