Ladtech Hdpe Manhole Adjustable Rings Square, 24"x36"x1 1/2"

1_1103369 MFG #: 2436F150
$0.00 / EACH
LadTech High Density Polyethylene Manhole Adjusting Rings are lightweight which reduce handling and transportation costs. Utilize pickup trucks for transportation instead of large, more costly equipment. See more benefits below: Mortarless Assembly No mortar to mix and dispose of - or deteriorate causing leakage. Easier and less costly to assemble - assures quality. Less equipment needed to assemble. Less chance for assembly failure & rework. UV & Heat Resistant / Cold Temperature Performance Durability around hot asphalt products. Lower actual life-cycle cost. Material will not deform under load when cooled. Stores outdoors for a reasonable period with no UV deterioration. Longer product life. Independent Testing of Product Verified product to perform in application Validity of tests using ASTM D-4976, ASSHTO HS-20 and other standards Demonstration of manufacture confidence in product Sales tool for contractors and specifying engineers Specifiable and Inspectable Product can be identified and specified by name, material, performance. Allows specifying engineer a way to control assembly and installation. A control factor can be applied to the weakest area of an assembly. Specific installation procedures assure a quality assembly. Cost Effective Actual installed cost is an advantage over a concrete ring and mortar. Saves city/county/state life-cycle cost. Contractor saves on installation cost. No Additional cost for rehabilitation work.