Hilti DCH300 12" Electric Cutter, 3444489

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The Hilti DCH 300 Diamond Cutter can make cuts up to 12 cm (4-3/4") deep with the included 12" diameter blade. The blade rotation of this tool guides the tool away from the operator's body, providing greater control. The DCH 300 features oil-bath gearing which is optimized for cutting work. This tool is useful for applications including cutting reinforced concrete, granite curbstones, slabs, brick, and masonry blocks; cutting metal beams, steel pipes, and reinforcing bars; making preliminary cuts for controlled demolition; and also cutting and extending openings for windows, doors, and shafts. The DCH 300 comes with a SW 24/10 installation wrench, an SW 6 screw driver, and a 15A twist lock adapter.