Hilti TE-30-C-ARV CombiHammer Performance Pack,

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The Hilti TE 30-C-AVR Combihammer features Active Vibration Reduction (AVR) which makes the tool less tiring to use and increases productivity. It also has perfect balance, low weight, and a compact design. This combihammer is ruggedly built from high-grade materials and components for an extra long lifetime. It is useful for a variety of applications including drilling anchor and through-holes in concrete and masonry, diameter range 4-28 mm; light chiseling on brick and block, corrective chiseling and finishing on concrete; driving anchor screws and concrete screw anchors; and drilling in wood and metal with smooth-shank drill bits up to 13 mm diameter using the quick-release chuck. The TE 30-C-AVR comes with an 8 mm blow-out bulb, a chuck TE-C-KLICK assembly, a case, 2 hammer drill bits size 1/2" x 12", 2 hammer drill bits size 5/8" x 8", and 1 narrow flat chisel TE-CP FM 18.