Wyco Vibrator Backpack

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The Wyco ErgoPack® is the only backpack vibrator on the market to offer an ergonomic design where the engine weight is properly supported by the operator's hips. The Wyco ErgoPack® improves overall job site productivity by delaying operator fatigue, discouraging injury-prone postures, and ultimately making a hard day's work just a little more comfortable. The Wyco backpack design provides for easy mobility around the jobsite and can allow one user to easily vibrate low to high slump concrete with up to a 2" head. A built in tachometer allows for quick reference of vibration speeds and allows users to take full advantage of the variable speed control to harness the most effective vibration for any mix. The Wyco backpack is gear driven, rather than belt driven to eliminate the possibility of belt problems. Hardened steel gears further increase the durability of the unit.