Shubee Wind O Guard 2Mil Plastic Film, 24"x600'

$0.00 / ROLL
If you are looking for a window protection film to prevent scratches and abrasions during your construction or remodeling job, Wind-O-Shield® Window Film is absolutely the best product for you. Protect windows during exterior building and interior remodeling from sprays, mortar, muriatic acid and more. Prevent damage to windows and frames with this easily applied window film. With a self-adhering back and 2 mil thick, it is easily applied and safe to leave on surface for 45 days. ShuBee® Wind-o-Shield® removes in seconds for easy cleanup. Safely sticks to glass, painted, varnished and shellacked surfaces, polyurethane and more. The film allows light in, making it easier to work in the room while protecting your windows.