Carlisle CCW Membrane, 90mil 24"x45 711-90

CCW-711-90 Sheet Membrane and Flashing is a 90-mil-thick composite consisting of a self-adhering rubberized asphalt membrane laminated to a high-strength, heat-resistant woven polypropylene mesh. A siliconized release liner prevents the material from sticking in the roll, and is easily removed for installation. The factory-controlled quality ensures uniform thickness on the job, while the inherent waterproofing properties of the rubberized asphalt membrane provide an excellent water barrier. The woven mesh is designed to withstand high temperatures, allowing the membrane to become an integral part of the CCW-500R Hot-Applied and Vapor-Lock Waterproofing Systems. CCW-711-90 Sheet Membrane and Flashing is primarily designed to be used in conjunction with CCW-500 Hot-Applied Membrane. It may be used as a preformed first course on difficult-to-coat substrates such as lightweight structural concrete. As a flashing, it provides a reinforced, uniform 90-mil layer on vertical surfaces while reinforcing cracks and joints.