CCW BarriBond Liquid Flash & Detail Sealant, 20 Oz

BarriBond is a high-solids, silane-terminated polyether (STPE) based compound designed for detailing rough openings, penetrations, sheathing joints, countersunk screws, transitions, angle changes, and other critical details encountered in CCW Fluid-Applied Air Barrier Systems. BarriBond can also be used as a termination mastic over CCW Self-Adhered Sheet Flashing Membranes. BarriBond is a single-component, moisture-cured adhesive/sealant which is applied from a sausage caulking gun, then smoothed in place with a trowel or squeegee. BarriBond is offered in a signature blue color for easy identification in warranted CCW Air Barrier Systems. The product is formulated for clean, easy application over horizontal, vertical, and inverted surfaces.