Buechel Stone Ledgestone, Walnut Tailored, Thin, Flat

Walnut Tailored Ledgestone brings warm earth tones to our Ledgestone Line. The low heights and thin layers of stone reminiscent of a historic technique employed by masons for easier coursing is revived using precision-sawn 1″, 2″, and 4″ heights and lengths from 4” to 16” for thin veneer stone. Its natural color range includes burnt tones, grays, browns, and tans. Learn more about Buechel Stone.
• Available as thin natural building stone veneer product • Gneiss (a type of granite) with earth color tones from Buechel Stone's Ledgestone Line • Shapes are squares & rectangles • Rise of 4" and lower •
• Interiors and exteriors • Basic use typically for exterior walls of buildings and fireplaces • Stone shall be mortared in (drystack joint only).