Thin Tech Classic 4x4 Corner Panel, 16sf 2-5/8

$0.00 / SHEET
"Classic Series is a mechanical support and spacing panel for thin masonry veneers. The strongest, most durable thin veneer panel system ever designed. Each thin brick, tile or stone is supported by our patent pending support ties that mechanically interlock the masonry veneer to the panel. Classic series is available in multiple support tie face heights allowing for maximum design flexibility for use with thin brick, thin tile & thin stone applications. Features & Benefits • Patent pending support tie configuration placed on a 76 degree angle • Allows the mortar to surround the support tie creating a positive masonry lock between the brick mortar and panel G-90 galvanized & thermal set coating • Provides barrier rust prevention • Light color helps reflect and evenly distribute heat Stucco embossed texture • Provides a built-in weep system on both sides of panel for moisture control • Creates greater surface area for maximum adhesion between veneer and panel 26-gauge architectural grade steel • High fastener pull-through strength for panel support and integrity • Harden steel sheets help brace wall, minimizing wall racking • Similar coefficient of thermal expansion as thin veneer and mortar • Allows fastening anywhere through the panel for even weight distribution or loading on the wall, using industry standard fasteners Lightweight design • Reduces footings and lintel requirements • Cost-efficient wall design • Reduced labor costs"