Tajima Chalk-Rite II Gear Drive Bold Thin, CR202B-2, Blue

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Chalk-Rite® II GearDrive Ultra Thin Contractor-grade chalk snap-line with 100 ft. (30M) of ultra thin premium-grade braided line. Smooth gear-drive winding, up to 3 times faster than standard snap-lines. Compact, fits comfortably in the palm of your hand yet holds up to 1.6 oz. (45 g) of chalk. Durable, heavy-gauge die-cast aluminum case sealed with an elastomer gasket. Positive gear-lock line hold, automatically releases during rewind. Also features a folding crank, easy-fill spout, and a tool to facilitate line replacement. CR202B-P Ultra Thin marking, fast wind chalk snap-line, 100 ft. line, with blue Micro Chalk