Hilti Transpointer, PX

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The Hilti PX 10 Trainspointer allows drilling to be carried out quickly and efficiently, eliminating time-consuming procedures such as drilling pilot holes, measuring out manually, or "trial and error". It also reduces inconvenient overhead drilling by locating points through a floor or wall, allowing holes to be drilled from either side. The PX 10 Transpointer also has the ability to measure wall and ceiling thickness on most materials. It features a large display window for measurements, and direction arrows for easy operation. This transpointer comes with 2 9V block alkaline batteries, 1 PX 10 R Receiver, 1 PX 10 T Transmitter, 1 PUA 91 adhesive putty, 1 PUA 92 adhesive strip, 2 hand straps, 1 PXA 70 slope adapter, 1 PUA 70 marker pen set, and 1 PX 10 kit box.