Cultured Stone® Drystack Ledgestone, Corner, Suede, Handipak, 6 LF per Box

1_0400824 MFG #: 8524426
The texture and variation of Dry stack Ledgestone capture both light and shadow. Individual stones come in carefully-selected, pre-shaped incremental sizes to accommodate tight-fitted installation. Its rustic color palette blends well with contemporary roofing and wall finishes. 8.5 SF per Handi-Pak, 68 SF per Big Box, 6 LF per Corner Handi-Pak, 64 LF per Corner Big Box. Coverage is based on 1/2" joints and will vary on joint size, cutting or trimming preferences. 190 Lbs. per Handi-Pak, 980 Lbs. per Big Box, 112 Lbs. per Corner Handi-Pak, 125 Lbs. per Corner Big Box.