Montana Rockworks Splitter Mighty C Thin Stone

$0.00 / EACH
Montana Rockworks has continually increased efficiencies, developing methods and tools to produce the highest quality stone products available. One such tool is the "Mighty C" thin veneer splitter. Designed, tested and assembled by our owners and staff in Kalispell Montana, this revolutionary Masonry tool allows Montana Rockworks to consistently produce thin veneer of unparalleled quality . Now the worlds most efficient Thin Veneer installation tool is available to contractors worldwide, The "Mighty C" eliminates dust, expensive saw blades and the need for water, while remaining portable for both indoor and outdoor use. The "Mighty C" delivers 15 tons of rock trimming NO-WATERpower right at your fingertips. Contractors report increased profitability by as much 50% or more and refuse to do a job without it. Once Contractors try the Mighty C, we find that they purchase a unit for every crew they have operating.