Scofield Cureseal-S, 5 Gal, Gloss

1_0359775 MFG #: 1631-0000-0005
$0.00 / PAIL
Scofield Cureseal-S was developed for curing and sealing freshly placed colored or uncolored concrete and sealing new or existing interior or exterior concrete flatwork or Scofield Texturetop toppings where a clear gloss finish is desired. It is also effective when used as a sealer over antiqued, imprinted, chemically stained, or exposed-aggregate concrete surfaces and as a finish sealer over quarry tile, brick, block, or stone. Scofield Cureseal-S produces a clear finish that is resistant to blushing and will not yellow with age or exposure to ultraviolet light, providing significant protection against ultraviolet degradation of the substrate.