Scofield Lithochrome Antique Release, A55 Pecan Tan

1_0359733 MFG #: 1410-A-55-0025
$0.00 / PAIL
Lithochrome Antiquing Release is intended for use when imprinting freshly placed colored-concrete hardscapes or interior floors and an antiqued appearance is desired. It promotes easy release of stamping and texturing tools and improves results by preventing transfer of the wet paste when the tools are removed from imprinted surfaces. The product is broadcast over the surface of freshly placed colored-concrete or imprintable cementitious toppings prior to imprinting, forming a bond-breaking barrier that helps prevent the tools from sticking to the fresh concrete and marring the imprinted pattern in the surface. A portion of the colored release becomes embedded in the surface where it is trapped by the hardening concrete.