WR Meadows Hydraset Free Concrete Accelerator, 5 Gal

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HYDRASET-FREE non-chloride concrete set accelerator is a ready-to-use, liquid admixture. It accelerates initial setting time one to three times faster than normal for mortar and concrete. HYDRASET-FREE improves workability and strength while it hastens the hydration of cement. It makes the mix easier to place and speeds construction by shortening the initial set and curing time. Labor and time are saved, because forms and other protection can be removed earlier and finishing can be initiated. HYDRASET-FREE should not be limited to use during months when temperatures are in the 20˚ to 45˚ F (-7˚ to 7˚ C) range. Increased workability and earlier strength are also obtained when temperatures are in the 50˚ to 65˚ F (10˚ to 18˚ C) range, because any time the temperature drops below 70˚ F (21˚ C), there is a reduction in the rate of cement hydration. During cold and hot weather applications, follow ACI 305 & 306 recommendations.