Unitex Solvent Seal 1315, 1 Gal

$0.00 / GALLON
Unitex Solvent Seal 1315 is a VOC-compliant, non-yellowing, acrylic curing and sealing compound for all horizontal concrete floors. It contains proprietary UV stabilizers and 78% more solids than ASTM-C-309 cures. It covers 50% more than ASTM-C-309 cures, and applied costs are 30% less. Unitex Solvent Seal 1315 cures, seals, hardens, dust-proofs in one easy application and can be used for both interior and exterior projects. The solids in the sealant remain stable under attack of most oils, salts, alkalis, fungi and many mineral acids. Unitex Solvent Seal 1315 is an excellent anti-spalling material and is also high gloss.