SINAK VC5™, 5 Gallon Pail

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SINAK VC-5™ is a lithium based concrete curing treatment that prevents failure of finished flooring systems due to concrete slab vapor emission, high internal relative humidity, and moisture borne alkaline contaminants. VC-5TM is compatible with all adhesives, floor coverings, and surface treatments. For more information visit our Sinak page.
15-Year Warranty Available • UL Environment Validated • Exceeds LEED Requirements • Compatible with all flooring
Carpets • Vinyl Composition Tiles • Rubber Tiles and Sheeting • Laminate Flooring • Sheet Vinyl • Hardwood • Engineered Flooring (All types) • Underpayments/Resurfacing Systems • Epoxy Coatings
VC5™ application should begin as soon as the finishing operation is complete and the surface is firm enough to tolerate foot traffic or immediately after the Soff-Cut operation. Installation should be continuous. If rain should occur at any time during this process, see ‘Interrupted Applications’ at the end of this section. Apply VC5™ in two (2) even coats, uniformly wetting the surface with a power or tank-type sprayer. Immediately after the first coat is dry, apply a second coat. Apply the second coat perpendicular to the first coat to create a crosshatched pattern. Drying time will vary from 10 to 30 minutes depending on temperature and environment. Coverage Rates: Two-coat coverage rate is 300 square feet per gallon for smooth-troweled concrete. Hot Weather Application: In hot, (above 100°F), dry and/or windy conditions apply cure shortly after loss (evaporation) of surface water or upon completion of Soff-Cut operation. Cold Weather Application: DO NOT apply below 35°F, or if the temperature is expected to drop below 32°F within 24 hours.