Unitex Propoxy 2500, .5 Cf

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Pro-Poxy 2500 is a multi-purpose, high-strength, non-shrink epoxy patching mortar for longer lasting patches. Use to patch concrete surfaces. IMPORTANT: COLD WEATHER PRACTICES FOR UNITEX PRO-POXY 300 FAST Cold weather has three effects on epoxy: Epoxy gets thicker in cold weather and is difficult or impossible to gun Cold weather slows down the cure time of the epoxy More guns are broken in cold weather trying to dispense cold epoxy In the winter, epoxy should be kept warm before use. 80°F is ideal. IF PRODUCT IS STORED at or BELOW 65°F (18°C), REMOVE PRODUCT TO BE USED FROM BOX AND THOROUGHLY PRECONDITION TO 80°- 90°F (27- 32°C) BEFORE USING. It takes a few hours to warm up a frozen cartridge and even longer for cans and pails, so plan accordingly. Epoxy should be kept in a heated job trailer or the cab of a pickup until immediately before use. This provides for easier dispensing and provides a buffer against colder outside temperatures.