Biotic Earth Black, 50 Lb

Verdyol Biotic Earth Black (Black) is an ideal hydraulic growth medium when you have soils that need an organic additive and for slopes and channels where you need dramatically boost the organic content of your subsoil. In areas of higher erosion control requirements, it is recommended you use the biotic earth black with Biotic Earth BFM over top or an appropriate erosion control blanket. This product is an ideal mixture to spray in-between rip rap and gravel areas to add organics hydraulically so that vegetation will have a chance to take hold in between the rock. Made up of a mixture of 35% Wheat Straw and Flexible Flax Fiber mix in with 60% Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss along with growth enhancements and mycorrhizae. This Biotic Growth medium gives your soil a great boost of organics that will help your vegetation establish and flourish. Use on slopes that are flat and add our scientific tackifier or blankets over top for slopes greater than 3: 1. Perfect for sandy conditions that receive adequate moisture.