Curlex® Sediment Logs®, 6"x25'

1_0229323 MFG #: 042.2506
$0.00 / ROLL
Curlex® Sediment Logs® are versatile excelsior logs comprised of an outside containment fabric and filled with unique Curlex® fibers. Curlex fibers are made of Great Lakes Aspen excelsior fibers, which are curled with soft interlocking barbs and 80% will be six inches in length or longer. The outside, open weave containment fabric is degradable, thus Curlex® Sediment Logs® will degrade in place if not removed. Curlex® Sediment Logs® are porous, allowing water to pass through the excelsior matrix, progressively slowing velocity and filtering sediment as it passes through the log diameter. Sediment Logs are extremely flexible and contour to the terrain to maintain intimate contact with the sub-grade. In addition, they are lightweight, require no trenching and disposal hassles, contain no weed seeds, and are re-usable and hold their shape.