Silt Fence - HD Field, 14, 32"x330'

1_0227803 MFG #: 6702 / 0205-7
$0.00 / ROLL
Field Fence is a mesh formed by horizontal and vertical galvanized wires, united by hinge joint style twist forming rectangles, which goes from small to large openings.
  • Galvanized: Gives the Field Fence great protection against corrosion
  • Twisted with a Hinge Joint: Gives flexibility; minimizes the deformation of the fence at the moment any animal leans against it
  • Tension Curve: Helps maintain fence uniformity despite extreme temperature changes
  • Thick Top & Bottom Wires: Top & Bottom Wires are of a greater gauge than the interior ones, giving a better structure and avoiding deformations
  • Graduation of Rectangular Openings: The small inferior openings prevent the entrance of wild animals