Huesker Hatelit Paving Grid, 13.12'x492'

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HaTelit® asphalt reinforcement geogrids are the best solution for reflective cracking. HaTelit® combines a high modulus polyester geogrid with an ultra light nonwoven product for ease of installation. Coated with bitumen, this composite creates a strong bond with asphalt that allows its tensile strength to distribute loads over a greater area. HaTelit® is the ideal product for asphalt reinforcement because polyester has similar thermal expansion properties to asphalt and it has a high resistance to mechanical damage from cyclic loads. HaTelit® is so damage resistant that it can even be placed directly onto a milled surface without a leveling course. HaTelit® can increase the service life of asphalt overlays by a factor of 3-4 in any climatic condition. As with all geosynthetics produced by HUESKER Synthetic, HaTelit® is subject to strict quality controls to ensure the same high quality standards are maintained. The continuous chain of quality checks begins with the raw material and ends with the finished product. HUESKER Synthetic GmbH is ISO 9001: 2000 accredited. Typical applications: Anti-cracking reinforcement in asphalt. Reinforcement of joints. Overlays to old concrete roads. Reinforcement of asphalt layers in hydraulic engineering and landfills.