AEC Curlex Blocs 7 Lb

1_0209779 MFG #: 042.9700
$0.00 / ROLL
Curlex Blocs are designed to provide initial stability of shorelines and streambanks by buffering wave action and flow velocity. The Curlex matrix provides an ideal growing medium for plants. Curlex Blocs' unique flat footprint provides more intimate contact with subgrade as compared to traditional tubular shore products such as coir logs and compost socks. Manufactured in the U.S.A. with American fibers. Curlex Blocs may be installed over bare soil or over rolled erosion control products. Secondary applications for Curlex Blocs include around inlets and outlets, around jobsites for perimeter control, runoff diversion, or in other applications when a damming product is desired. Curlex Blocs are designed to be functional for 3+ years. Curlex Blocs are naturally seed free and non-toxic. Functional Longevity varies from region to region because of differences in climatic conditions.