Crafco Roadsaver 524 Joint Tack Sealant

Crafco Pavement Joint Adhesive is a hot-applied modified asphalt composition used to adhere and tack longitudinal cold construction joints in asphalt concrete pavements. Pavement Joint Adhesive increases durability and life of joints through improved bonding and sealing. Crafco Pavement Joint Adhesive is a solid material which is simply removed from its container, heated to application temperature, and applied to the joint face prior to construction of the adjacent asphalt concrete mat. When the adjacent lane is placed and compacted, the heat from the asphalt concrete and the roller pressure causes the joint adhesive to adhere strongly along the joint face resulting in strong bonding between overlay passes and waterproofing of the joint. Use of Crafco Pavement Joint Adhesive also creates a joint with improved resistance to thermal expansion and contraction.