Polywall Urethane Inj Mixers, 1/4"x24"

$0.00 / EACH
1 /4 x 24 Mixer (recommended for Urethane injection). Urethane Injection is a hydrophobic polyurethane liquid that adheres to wet or dry cementitious substrates and then expands during reaction with water to form a closed cell water repellent barrier. It is designed for repairs of intermittent leaks along cracks or movement joints where less than 20% movement is anticipated. Urethane injection will typically stop water leaking through cracked or honeycombed concrete, along concrete cold joints, and a voids along the following areas: wall and floor junctions, wall and ceiling junctions, expansion joints, and pipe penetrations. It is used to repair concrete walls, ceilings, floors, tunnels, manholes, sewers, dams and parking decks.