Allen Engineering Barrel Sprayer, 7560 XL with 100' Hose

1_0018766 MFG #: 029424-100
Used to apply release agents, water-based sealants and curing compounds on concrete construction sites. The continuous recirculating system ensures your material is always well mixed and ready to spray. Available in barrel, cart, tow or skid mount. All materials must be thoroughly mixed before spraying.
  • Engine: Honda™GX120 (118cc)
  • Maximum Flow Rate: 7.5 Gallons Per Minute
  • Pump Type: Roller Ball
  • Hose Type: 3/8"
  • Lock-On Weight: 106 lbs (48kg)

Allen Sprayers are not intended for spraying any types of Asphalt Sealants. Spraying of any type of asphalt sealers will cause damage to pump and will not be covered by manufacturer warranty.