Mono Slab® EZ Form


Mono Slab® EZ Form is a patent pending Form for Frost Protected Shallow Foundations. Mono Slab® EZ Forms are designed and engineered to provide a far superior result compared to traditional methods.


About Mono Slab® EZ Form


Mono Slab® EZ Form provides a Minimum R10 and up to a Median R60 depending upon the size of the form. It allows you to form, insulate, and backfill all before concrete placement. The form is simple, easy to use, and provides a superior process compared to traditional forming and insulating methods for Frost Protected Shallow Foundations. It can be used for both commercial and residential applications.


When & Where to Use

Residential and Commercial 

  • Frost Protected Shallow Foundations
  • Eliminates multi step process of Footer, Wall & Floor
  • When digging is undesirable
  • Unstable and wet locations

Available in a variety of sizes including the mini form, arctic form, and commercial form. Interiors form and custom sizing upon request. 


Advantages of Mono Slab® EZ Form

  • Saves Time, Labor & Money
  • Job Safety Improved
  • Eliminates Excessive Stakes and Kickers
  • Insulates beyond Industry Standard
  • Mono Slab® sheds water away from the structure
  • High R - values
  • Eliminates return trip to strip and backfill 
  • Mono Slab® Complies with ASTM C578 and Testing R Values 3.85 per inch 

Preparation and Installation 

Dig and prep site to accommodate for footer and width of form.
Typically, 5-6 feet wide is sufficient. Square and level footer, and set
the desired elevation. 

Simply prep your footer to the desired elevation of footer grade. Next, begin setting forms, starting at a corner. To connect the lengths of Mono Slab® EZ Form, simply place a standard 2 by 8 in the allowed slot, staggering your 2 by 8 at the seam. Check level and square as you set each form. Stake each form with a wood stake to hold in place.  

After the forms, have been connected and staked, lightly backfill against the outside of the form. This creates the downward pressure to hold the form in place. The forming process is complete. 

  1. Excavate & Set Grade
  2. Level & Square Project Site
  3. Place and Install Mono Slab® - Start at corner, level & square, connect with 2x8 Stagger Seams, level & stake (Use 2 stakes per form)
  4. Lightly Backfill Exterior up to Breakaway Point (Leaving 6-8” dirt to seal separation)
  5. Prep Interior Slab - Establish floor height (concrete floor thickness, sub-slab insulation type & thickness)
  6. Install Rebar, Underground Plumbing, Sub-Slab Insulation, Conduit, Electrical, Etc.
  7. Pour & Place Concrete
  8. Pull 2x8 same day as the Placement of Concrete
  9. Job is Complete