ISO Clip

The ISO Clip Thermal Isolation Clip is a thermal barrier separating the interior of the building from the exterior framing components.  Its unique design features reduce the thermal transfer from the interior to the exterior.  The clip accommodates a variety of insulation thickness or wall depths, eliminating the need for shims or multiple clip sizes and is engineered to perform on all substrates including concrete, concrete block, steel studs or wood.






  • One Component clip with integral moulded thermal pad
  • Accommodates varying wall depths
  • Allows for horizontal and vertical installations
  • Shims not required
  • North American made
  • Cost effective


Installed in the same orientation, ISO Clip is suited to accept either vertical or horizontal sub-grits.  It’s versatility and ease of use combined with the effective use of insulation makes the ISO Clip the product to specify.  The thermal performance of the clip has been verified by the industry leaders, Morrison Hershfield.






  • 3D Thermal Analysis for SB10 and ASHRAE 90.1
  • FEA STRUCTURAL Analysis by JEI Engineering
  • Evaluated for NFPA 285
  • Accommodates +/- ½” adjustment for wall deviation
  • Fully engineered
  • Acceptable for multiple substrates
  • Cost-effective
  • Allows for horizontal and vertical installations

Brock White and the ISO Clip team can assist you with all stages of your building performance design.  System details, engineering load tables and calculations are also available. Together we can design the most functional wall assembly for your chosen insulation and cladding. 

ISO Clip Product Brochure

ISO Clip LEED Guide

Morrison Hershfield Report