Green Lyfe LEED Home


Energy-efficient LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) for Homes certified residence in Willmar, MN.

project details

BW Product Used: 

Location: Willmar, MN

Project Contractor: Ridgewater College & Green Lyfe, LLC


This new, energy efficient, anticipated LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) for Homes certified residence in Willmar, MN is located on a sloped site, sitting amongst groupings of native trees. This charming single-family residence is not only extremely energy efficient but also contains many materials that are environmentally safe, recyclable, sustainable and regionally produced.

This was a joint project between Ridgewater College and Green Lyfe, LLC. Students in the Ridgewater College Carpentry Program and Electrician Program constructed this home. The students are gaining experience in these new technologies through seminars, demonstrations, and on-site training. Their training is funded by a $80,000 grant from the Minnesota Renewable Energy Marketplace.

The house displays a very distinctive “Prairie Style” design with low roof slopes and wide overhangs to eliminate hot, summer heat gains into the 

interior. The roof contains two large solar roof panels for domestic hot water heating and for assisting the in-floor slab heating on the lower level. The house also has innovative, high tech capabilities in the cooling and heating of the interior environment, including an air source heat pump and air-to-air heat exchanger. The interior of the house is basically an open plan with abundant natural lighting, and efficient compact fluorescent and LED lighting. Variations of ceiling heights create spatial effects which define various living spaces. They chose a bright color palette in order to create a cheerful, relaxing atmosphere. 

Brock White supplied Form-A-Drain which was used in the footing of the home, and Nudura Insulated Concrete Forms were used in the basement. Olive color VAST permeable pavers were chosen for the 130 square foot patio area. Aco Home Drain from Brock White was installed in the driveway to channel rainwater to a tank which was used for watering lawn & flower beds.