Successfully used by leading golf courses in our climate for over 27 years, Curlex® Green Savers natural blankets provide winter protection against drying winds, frost penetration, grass desiccation and freezing cold on all golf greens.




Made from Aspen Wood excelsior fibers, Curlex® Green Savers contain no pitch, tar or resin, and are not harmful to grass or soil. The excelsior fibers are enclosed in plastic netting and designed primarily to protect golf greens during the winter months.

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How It Works

  • Allows better air circulation, which creates a more constant surface temperature by preventing heat build-up.
  • Helps prevent grass dessication (drying out) on high, windswept greens.
  • Provides insulating properties that help reduce frost penetration.
  • Helps establish quality greens early in the spring, thus extending the playing season by two to three weeks.
  • Maintains a more constant temperature, thus minimizing the freeze/thaw cycle's negative effects.




Easy Installation

  • Anchor Green Savers blanket with 6" U-shaped wire staples at about 6' spacing.
  • Do not overlap blankets.
  • Install as late as possible. Soil temperature should be in the low 40 degrees and grass must be dormant.
  • Remove blankets after danger of 20 degree weather has passed.
  • When stored properly Curlex® Green Savers can be used for years.

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