Electrical Plug, Male 15A 125V Hbl 5266C

  • Branch: Fargo, Mankato, Rochester, St. Paul
  • Grouping: Plug
  • Size: 125V
Cord clamp seats flush with body for all cables rated from 10-3 ST to 18-3 SVT (. 245-700). Clamp prevents damage to jacket on any cable used within rated range. Connector contacts are manufactured in solid one-piece brass for superior conductivity. Triple-wipe, heavy-duty power contacts are set in deep pockets to help resist abuse. Husk is constructed of ST801 Super Tough Nylon for superior impact resistance in rugged environments. Beveled back edges prevent body from catching on corners and rough surfaces. Complete-containment design insulates non-current carrying parts. Fluted body design provides a sure grip.