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Brock White Brainerd has been selling and servicing fireplaces in the Lakes area since 1978. Since that time, we have become known as THE place to go for both wood burning and gas fireplaces and stoves. Complete your fireplace installation with brick, natural or Cultured Stone using our interior and exterior stone and landscape displays for inspiration. We supply all the tools and accessories to create your perfect fireplace! Learn more about fireplaces.

The branch specializes in masonry products for both commercial and residential exteriors from a wide range of suppliers including Buechel Stone, Montana Rockworks, Glacier Stone, Krukowski Stone, Cultured Stone®, and full bed and thin brick from manufacturers such as General Shale and Summit. We also carry geotextiles, shore land restoration and erosion control products from leading manufacturers, and have the technical expertise to answer all your questions.

Consider Brock White as your source for a variety of construction products. From job site tools and fasteners to concrete chemicals, sealants and waterproofing, we have the products you need to get the job done. Finish your project with our coatings & EIFS products, ICF’s and much more.

Brock White Brainerd is located at 3855 Independence Road, Baxter, four miles west of Hwy 371 on Hwy 210. Turn south on Timberwood Drive.

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Turn south onto Timberwood Drive off of Hwy 210 about 4 miles west of Hwy 371, Hwy 210 intersection. This is just west of where Hwy 210 turns from 4 lane road to 2 lane road.

Featured Product Lines

Fireplaces, Landscape Products, Geo, Concrete Chemicals & Accessory Products, General Supplies & Jobsite Tools, Masonry Products, Masonry Accessories, ICF, Exterior/Interior Finishes, Hwy Sealants & Rehab

Additional Information

Our Brainerd location supplies our full line of brick, stone, landscape supplies, concrete accessories, masonry accessories, tools, fasteners, geotextiles, erosion control, waterproofing, sealants, firestopping, construction specialties, coatings & EIFS products, ICF’s and much more. See our exterior and interior displays of Brick, Stone & Landscape Materials.