AquaBlok® 2080FW is a patented composite aggregate sealant resembling small stones that is comprised of a limestone aggregate core wrapped with powdered sodium bentonite clay. Built on a simple premise, AquaBlok’s equally simple design and familiar ingredients can do extraordinary things. But in its simplest form this bentonite-wrapped “composite particle system” stops water – period.

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Key Benefits and Technical Advantages

  • Efficient and effective delivery of high-value, high-quality sodium bentonite at relatively low concentrations
  • Improved uniformity and reliable seal in inches rather than feet; no field mixing or blending
  • Low cost handling & installation
  • Unique geotechnical attributes: dense, self-compacting; high shear strength
  • Highly versatile: ready out of the package in a full range of designs and orientations

Aquablok Spec Sheet

Aquablok Product Overview



Aquablok Applications

  • Contaminated Sediments
  • Wetland Restoration
  • Well Sealant & Grouting
  • Lake & Pond Management
  • Landfill Applications
  • Anti-Seep Collar & Sealant
  • Levee Repair
  • Water Proofing Material

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