AL13 has changed the game. Their metal panel system is cut to fit and snaps together on site, reducing costs, installation and lead times. The system does not require prefabrication and can be installed on any type of structure. Installation is simple and allows the configuration to be tailored on site. Best of all... no more waiting for prefabricated panels.

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  • Pressure equalized rain screen system (AAMA508)
  • Fire rated product ULC135 (Canada) & NFPA285 (USA)
  • Clean design lines
  • 40 standard colors including metallics and wood grains
  • Custom colors available upon request
  • Easy install Snap & Lock system
  • Installation on almost any type of structure
  • 15 year product warranty
  • 20 year finish warranty




  • Cut on site system reduces lead times
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Quick installation
  • North American Product
  • Adds a modern style to retrofit jobs
  • Commercial and residential applications
  • No more waiting for prefabricated panels
  • Established product used by large brands (Wendy's, Walmart, Starbucks etc)



AL13 plants one tree for every panel sold

AL13 has been striving to envision and consider generations well into the future and how they can make a positive impact not only as individuals but as a company. As a result AL13 has partnered with The Carbon Farmer over the last year and committed to plant one tree for every panel purchased through sales of their architectural panel system.

AL13 believes that it is just as essential to ensure that habitats are sustained and conserved for the many plants, animals and insects who call forests home, as it is to provide dwellings for humans. That is why this initiative is a win win for everybody (and everything) involved. So far 10's of thousands of trees have been planted with many more coming down the pipe line.

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