ACE Fibers

Adding Ace FibersTM to an asphalt concrete mix design, an engineer, owner or agency can expect the following...

Value-Added Results: Add tremendous amounts of strength and durability.

ACE Fiber is a true achievement in additive technology
to enhance asphalt concrete performance

ACE Fiber™ extends pavement service life by dramatically improving the dynamic modulus of the asphalt layer and increasing the asphalt's resistance to cracking and rutting (distresses that may cause premature failure).  To create ACE Fiber™, high-strength man-made “aromatic polyamide” or  Aramid Fibers are bundled and coated with Sasobit® wax to create an asphalt concrete additive that is simple to mix with any WMA or HMA in drum and batch asphalt operations.  The 3-dimensional reinforcement throughout the asphalt layer increases the asphalt’s resistance to cracking, rutting, and fatigue while providing improved ESAL capacity.

ACE Fiber is engineered for performance

Aramid Fibers are used extensively in many industries and applications including ballistic protection, heat & cut protection, automotive, ropes & cables, conveyor belts, etc.  However, it takes a special fiber to withstand the extreme production temperatures of asphalt concrete without changes occurring to the reinforcement properties of the fiber.  That is why ACE Fiber™ uses aramid fibers exclusively.  Aramid is a unique man-made, high-strength fiber boasting high tensile strengths over 400,000 psi (5 x steel), a superior stress/strain relationship, and decomposition temperatures exceeding 800oF (well above asphalt mixing temperatures of 400oF).

ACE Fiber microscopic photos after chemical extraction


ACE Fiber - County Rd. Overlay Test Project (Before & After)

Benefits of ACE Fiber 

  • Adds Durability
  • Adds Strength
  • Adds Service Life
  • No Change in Mix Design
  • Costs Less to Maintain

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