Illinois 294 Toll Way



Brock White provided FODS Trackout Control Systems to the Illinois 294 Toll Way project. The toll way was a rush job and required the FODS system to be placed and moved around quickly from location to location. The FODS system were the perfect solution as they can be up and running in under two hours, and just as easily cleaned up and moved by just a couple of people each time.




BW Products Used: FODS Trackout Control System

Project Completed: June 2019

Location: Hinsdale, IL

Contractor: Old Veteran Construction

Brock White Sales Representative: Al Nimmo

The Benefit of FODS Trackout Control System

The 294 Toll Way needed optical lines to be placed in multiple locations over a short time period. This required a very quick turn-around time of two weeks per location for the Trackout System to be placed, utilized and removed without leaving a trace of mud or sediment behind and restoring the original look of the space before being moved to the next entrance. Within the span of three months, 40 Trackout Systems were placed and removed. Unlike traditional track out systems that need to be placed and then dug out, the FODS Trackout Control System just needs to be lifted up and walked off the site saving invaluable time, effort and labor.







About FODS Trackout Control System

The FODS Trackout Control System's proprietary design works to effectively remove mud and sediment from your vehicle tires without damaging the tire or the ground’s surface. We provide the only durable, reusable, and environmentally friendly trackout system currently available on the market.

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