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Redcliff Golf Course

Redcliff, AB


  • Propex ArmorMax High Performance Turf Reinforcement Mat Type 2
  • CFG2000-coconut erosion control blanket with geogrid

CONTRACTOR: CEE Gee Earthmoving Ltd, Medicine Hat, AB

ENGINEER: Stantec Consulting, Medicine Hat, AB

AGES supplied & installed this ArmorMax system on the shores of 2 different storm water ponds, one on the golf course and the other in the adjacent residential development. The material went from the toe of the shoreline (underwater) up to the top edge.

They selected ArmorMax because:
• Cost savings of these products vs. rock rip rap. (both material & labour/installation cost)
• Public safety – people walking in/around the ponds were deemed to be better protected by using matting instead of jagged rip rap
• The ability to allow for full vegetation on the slopes was appealing to the owner & golfers as
opposed to unsightly rock rip rap

Other items of note:
• Installation was done in 7 days on the first pond (10,400m2) and in 4 days on the second pond (7,500m2)
• Slopes have been hydro seeded (on top of ArmorMax) after installation
• The CFG2000 - coconut erosion control blanket with geogrid was installed on the upper ring on the smaller pond.The erosion blanket does degrade - leaving only the geogrid - while at the same time providing the slope stabilization the engineer desired.