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Edmonton Airport Parking Lot

Edmonton, AB


  • Scourstop
  • Landlok 300 TRM
  • AEC Premier Coconut

ENGINEER: Edmonton Airport Authority

PROJECT CONTRACTOR: Carmacks / Land Tec Landscaping, Edmonton, AB

SUPERVISORS: Felix, Kuefler-Carmacks; Ron Oukyk-Land Tec Landscaping

PROJECT NOTES: After the paving of a new parking lot was completed, they found that the final grade allowed rain water to cause scouring in certain areas of the finished landscaping adjacent to parking lot. Based on previous success with Scourstop, it was decided to again use this product. They also used an erosion control blanket along the edge of parking.

The use of an electric hammer drill with a modified bit to fit the anchor was the most effective way to drive the anchors into the ground.