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Gator Maxx Sand for Overlays is polymeric sand for concrete paver, wetcast & natural stone joints up to 1″.



The first polymeric sand specifically designed for drainage and non-drainage base systems. It can be used with concrete pavers, wetcast and natural stones. It is recommended for a variety of uses, including pool sides, patios, foot paths, driveways, parking spaces, pavements etc… This complete multi-purpose sand is available in three colors: Beige, Slate Grey and Ivory. It sets above the freezing temperature (32°F / 0°C) and can be used for joints up to a maximum of 1 inch.



  • Can be used for paver joints up to a maximum of 1″.
  • Fast setting: Product sets within one hour from application of water on a drainage base.
  • Sets at above freezing temperature (0°C – 32°F).
  • Gator Maxx Sand can be applied for drainage base systems. However a minimum of 1 hour without rain is needed after installation.
  • Gator Maxx Sand can be applied for non-drainage base systems. However a minimum of 24 hours without rain is needed after installation.
  • Does not stain concrete paving stones.
  • Intact pallets can be stored outside.
  • It is mandatory to have a minimum 1° top surface slope for proper water run off.

Featured in BW How-To: Polymeric Sand 101

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Gator Maxx Sand
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