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The Fastest Acting, Longest Working Ice Melter. Hotter Than Ordinary Ice Melters.

SNOMELT calcium chloride pellets instantly generate heat on contact with ice and snow to speed the deicing and melting process. SNOMELT works more than five times faster than rock salt and blended ice melters.  Click to see chart. 

Longer Lasting.
SNOMELT is concentrated to keep working long after others quit.

Less Melts More.
A little goes a long way. You would need five times more rock salt to do the same job.  Click to see chart.

Not all Deicers are Created Equal.


Performance is determined by:

  • Melting Time
  • Temperature
  • Foot and Vehicle Traffic
  • Shape and Composition of Deicer Particle 

Tough on Ice and Snow, Easy on Plants and Concrete.
Any deicer may be harmful to vegetation, but when used as directed, SnoMelt will not damage trees, shrubs, flower beds or grass. SNOMELT will not chemically or physically attack concrete. The lower the chloride content, the lower the risk. The application of SNOMELT results in the lowest accumulation of chloride compared to other commercial deicer products.

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