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Sonotube Round concrete forms are the most cost-effective way to create a diverse range of concrete columns and footings. With the introduction of Sonotube with RainGuard? technology, contractors have an increased probability of completing their jobs on time, because Sonotube forms with stand strong even in wet weather

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Cut Length
BW Item No Description Unit Quantity
0311110 SONOTUBE 10" CUT SW LF
0311112 SONOTUBE 12" CUT SW LF
0311114 SONOTUBE 14" CUT SW LF
0311116 SONOTUBE 16" CUT SW LF
0311118 SONOTUBE 18" CUT SW LF
0311120 SONOTUBE 20" CUT SW LF
0311122 SONOTUBE 22" CUT SW LF
0311124 SONOTUBE 24" CUT SW LF
0311128 SONOTUBE 28" CUT SW LF
0311130 SONOTUBE 30" CUT SW LF
0311132 SONOTUBE 32" CUT SW LF
0311136 SONOTUBE 36" CUT SW LF

Full Length
BW Item No Description Unit Quantity
0311400 SONOTUBE 6" X 12' SW PC
0311401 SONOTUBE 8" X 12' SW PC
0311402 SONOTUBE 10" X 12' SW PC
0311403 SONOTUBE 12" X 12' SW PC
0311404 SONOTUBE 14" X 12' SW PC
0311405 SONOTUBE 16" X 12' SW PC
0311406 SONOTUBE 18" X 12' SW PC
0311407 SONOTUBE 20" X 12' SW PC
0311408 SONOTUBE 22" X 12' SW PC
0311409 SONOTUBE 24" X 12' SW PC
0311410 SONOTUBE 26" X 12' SW PC
0311411 SONOTUBE 28" X 12' SW PC
0311412 SONOTUBE 30" X 12' SW PC
0311413 SONOTUBE 32" X 12' SW PC
0311415 SONOTUBE 36" X 12' SW PC
0311422 SONOTUBE 24" X 4' SW PC
0311438 SONOTUBE 24" X 8' SW PC
0311439 SONOTUBE 24" X 10' SW PC

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